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Philippe Malhaire (1983-) holds an Agrégation in Music and a Doctorate in Music and Musicology from the Sorbonne University. He is currently director of the collection Musics in question(s) published by L'Harmattan, co-editor-in-chief (with Anthony Girard) of the musical journal Pour les sonorités opposées – aesthetics and musical analysis of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries – and member of the editorial board of Cahiers Ravel published by the Maurice Ravel Foundation. He is a research associate of the CRULH (Centre de Recherche Universitaire Lorrain d'Histoire) and teaches at the Sorbonne University (Paris). Specialized in modernity and postmodernity, he is notably a recognized theorist of polytonality.

Philippe Malhaire’s works do show an extremely sensitive musical personality led by a great firmness of mind and moved by a deep ideal. He is one of these composers who are aware today of the necessity of integrating into a modern discourse contrapuntal and harmonious wealth inherited from the tradition.

Philippe Malhaire © 2021
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« A work is not "new" because it systematically reinvents musical language, or because it challenges the perceptual capabilities of the human brain. A work is really "new" when its author conceives the work with honesty and great care, enabling its unique personality, that is the result of his time, his education and his aesthetic choices, to express itself musically in order to bring to life an emotion that, inevitably, did not exist in that particular form. That is the true "novelty": in this form, it is eternal ».

Philippe Malhaire, Pour les sonorités opposées, 2017, p. 100.